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With new innovations and ever changing trends, the beauty industry is constantly adapting to the new better trends. Permanent makeup not only offers a dynamic and positive work environment, but it can also be very lucrative. Apart from that, anyone with enough persistence, hard work and will can build a career in this business. First and the most important requirement is to finish a good, licensed course and earn a certificate so you can  start your dream job.

What do you get?

  • With Jovana Doshi as your mentor you get online support that will last 3 months
  • Full access to our online lectures with descriptive videos, images and literature content.
  • ‘Step by Step’ lessons that are adapted for those with ziro experience, knowledge or talent
  • Different packaging courses that suit your conditions the most
  • We provide equipment of the highest quality on the market
  • We certify all students who obtain their requirements
  • For the experienced artists we offer our advanced courses so you can continue with your constant improvements
  • With constant care we will guide you all the way from your beginning to the highest goals

Who are these classes for?

  • Literally everyone! Practice showed that determination and dedication will beat talent, so don’t feel like you will need special skill to obtain the courses.
  • Everyone who enjoy esthetic beauty
  • If you feel like your 9-5 job isn’t satisfying your needs and you want some change
  • If you would like to have flexible working hours of your choice
  • All the makeup artists or beauticians who want to add to their existing skills
  • Everyone who enjoy creativity and drawing
  • If you feel like you need to get in to more profitable business

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